Rediker Online Information System

Rediker Online Information System

Continue to the Rediker Parent Plus Portal.

We are very excited to announce the Parent Plus Portal for Rediker Student Information System. It can be found by going to You can also download the Parent Plus Portal app for your phone or mobile device.

With the Parent Plus Portal you will have immediate access to your child’s grades, homework assignments, attendance records, and school announcements.

The Rediker Parent Plus Portal is designed to keep you, the parent, informed and up to date on your child’s progress. The information is secured and your family’s information can only be accessed with the proper username and password.

The Rediker Parent Plus Portal is a web-based application that is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

While the school is excited to offer this service to you, please note that the grades posted online are NOT the definitive grade your child may receive at the end of the quarter. It shows only the current average as of the date posted.  We hope that this service is useful to you and we would appreciate any feedback you might have.

If you forget your username or password click on the ‘Can't access your account?’ link for help.

Contact the school office if you have any questions about this program.