Learn about our Library

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all."
- Jacqueline Kennedy


To provide library books which

  • Supplement the classroom curriculum
  • Encourage students to discover the joy of reading
  • Are current, well organized, easily accessible.

To encourage students to practice and improve their reading abilities.

To present a curriculum-related program of library instruction.

To promote responsible library citizenship, emphasizing proper care of materials and respect for the rights of others.  


Every effort is made to select library books and other media which are appropriate for a Catholic Elementary School.


Our library is open each weekday morning at 7:30 a.m., and closes at 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 11:30 a.m. on Friday.


Circulation rules vary by grade:

  • Kindergarteners may check out one book at a time, to be kept in the classroom for one week.
  • First graders may check out one book at a time, and are allowed to take them home for one week.
  • All other students may check out two books after they have returned the Library Code of Conduct, signed by students and their parents. (see attached)

Each borrower is personally responsible for the books checked out in his/her name, and must return them on time.   Books can be returned during the students’ scheduled class library day, before or after school, or with the use of a teacher pass.   After one month, the book is considered overdue:  a reminder will be sent, and new books cannot be checked out.   Middle School Students will be fined 5 cents per school day, and 25 cents for every additional notice sent.  These students can renew their books by physically bringing them into the library; however, a book can only be renewed once.


All books are the property of St. Mary Catholic School.

It is important to handle library books with care, ensuring their use for many years to come:

  • Keep books in a safe place, away from food, liquids, pets and very young children.
  • Do not peel or remove any labels from books.
  • Use a bookmark instead of folding down pages.


If a book is returned damaged, or is lost, the student will be asked to pay a $10.00 fee.  If this book is later found and returned in good condition by the end of the school year, this fee will be returned to the student.  A book purchased from a book store or online will not be accepted as replacement for a lost library book.


We are often asked if we accept donations of personal books and other materials for our school library.  Please keep in mind that we strive to add to our collection only those books which are suitable for a Catholic elementary school.  Further, we feel that our students deserve to have fresh, high-quality books (preferably library-bound) in our school library.  Therefore, we reserve the right not to add all donated books to the collection; those not used will be offered to other teachers, or placed in the used book sale.

Birthday Books!

The BIRTHDAY BOOK PROGRAM program serves two purposes:  honoring a child’s birthday, and providing much-needed funding for our library!
For a fee of $10.00, a donor can select a new library book to be inscribed, wrapped & presented to a child on or near the birthday.
The child will be the first to check it out; thereafter, it remains part of the library collection.
Please see the librarian if you wish to participate.

Library Resources

Use St. Mary Catholic School Library Login Link to view the contents of our library.  If this link does not work, type in  
Name of Library:  sms library(There is a 'space' between sms and library.)
OPAC Password:  [There is no password.]


Accelerated Reader Program (AR)

Parent Guide to Accelerated Reader

Book Finder

Accelerated Reader is a web-based computerized program which we use in grades 2 through 8 to

  • Motivate the children to read at their own pace
  • Give the children a reason to practice reading
  • Help the children, teachers and parents to monitor and assess reading progress.


Our school librarian, Mrs. Lyon, makes every effort to make sure the students have an AR book which is appropriate for the student’s age and interests, and is within the reading range, as determined by the STAR test (which is taken three times each year). All AR books from our school library are marked with the book’s reading level and point value.  
Parents and teachers can also use the website to check whether an AR quiz is available for books they may have at home, or from the public library or book store.  (Please see the section on our Online Library.)


Take an interest in what your child is reading, and remind your children to read their entire AR book. Make reading a priority in your home by providing a quiet environment, with few distractions, each day.


Depending on the length of the book, the quiz will consist of 5, 10 or 20 multiple-choice questions. After answering the questions, the student will know whether or not he/she passed the test. The program accumulates points for each child. The classroom teacher will determine how the student will be rewarded or graded for points earned or quizzes passed. 


Parents can access the student’s account from home, using Renaissance Home Connect, which shows a snapshot of the student’s Accelerated Reader progress, including average percent correct on quizzes, number of points earned, and book level (sometimes called the ATOS level).  In addition, parents can specify up to six e-mail addresses to receive automatic updates in English or Spanish on their students’ AR progress.
If the link listed above does not work, type the following into your browser address bar:
For information on your child’s STAR reading level, or help with finding an appropriate book, please contact our school Librarian, Mrs. Lyon. EMAIL LINK
For technical assistance, such as your access codes for Renaissance Home Connect, please contact our computer teacher, Mrs. Thornton.  EMAIL LINK